Buying Property in Malta

Unlike most other European markets, Malta’s real estate sector is continuing to grow. This means that buying a property on the islands represents an attractive possibility.

Should you be interested in buying a property in Malta, your FSPC lead contact can guide you through the full process – from starting the search to signing the contract, and beyond. We work directly with grass-root real estate experts and our exclusive contacts to find you your ideal property, all while maintaining your privacy and peace of mind.


The first step towards buying property in Malta is signing the convenium (or ‘konvenju’ in Maltese), which is the property’s promise of sale agreement. This document confirms the agreed purchase price and the deposit required, as well as its condition and status.

During the three-month konvenju period that follows, the Notary Public will carry out searches to ensure that the property may be legally sold. Once this is successfully completed, the final contract is then signed by all parties – and the property is yours!

Your FSPC lead contact will also assist you with other considerations throughout your property purchase, such as stamp duties, Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) and applicable Malta Residence Schemes. This will ensure that you receive all the benefits associated with purchasing and owning property in Malta.