Notarial services

When buying a property in Malta, you will require the services of a Notary Public for a key part of the purchasing process.


Usually employed by the property’s buyer – so in this case, you – Notaries in Malta are unbiased, publicly-appointed officials who are responsible for making sure all legal aspects of a property sale are covered.

Once the promise of sale agreement or ‘konvenju’ has been signed, the Notary normally has three months to carry out searches to ensure that the property may be legally sold and has no outstanding debts or issues relating to wills or permits, for example.

Although a Notary acts on behalf of the government and is considered as neutral when dealing with both buyer and seller, the notary fees are normally covered by the buyer. This notary fee is usually 1% of the total property purchase price, which may vary if more detailed checks are required on the property in question.

We can assist you in finding a diligent and trustworthy local Notary Public, and we will liaise with them on your behalf as they carry out this essential role in the purchase of your next Malta property.