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Doing Business in Malta

Although Malta is one of the smallest countries in Europe, it has fast become a very popular global business destination.

With a booming economy unlike that of other European states, Malta has much to offer relocating businesses, from tax incentives to highly-skilled workers.

Your FSPC Lead Contact will be able to guide you through the simple process of relocating your business to the Maltese islands, leaving you free to enjoy the many benefits the country has to offer both you and your business.


Strong European Economy

Malta made headlines during the 2008 financial crisis as one of only two European States to report any growth. Today, the islands still present a strong, secure and stable alternative to the volatile economy experienced throughout the rest of Europe.

Malta’s buoyant economy offers relocating businesses peace of mind, as they operate within a business-oriented environment that actively encourages growth.


English-Speaking, Highly-Skilled Workforce

With English widely-spoken as one of Malta’s two official languages, most of the local workforce is already fluent, meaning that language should not be a barrier when relocating your business to the island.

Meanwhile, thanks to several government initiatives encouraging highly-skilled workers to the island, there is also no shortage of local experts who could help your business to excel and grow.


Malta is very tax-efficient and offers many tax benefits to businesses relocating here. Although corporate tax is set at 35%, business shareholders are normally entitled to a partial refund if they qualify for one of the many relevant exemption schemes available.

In fact, Malta is the only EU jurisdiction to have a full tax imputation system. To ensure that tax is never paid twice on the same income in different countries, the local government has participated in more than 70 double tax treaties and double taxation relief programmes.

A Global Business Hub

In its prime location in the heart of Europe, Malta is increasingly renowned as a global business hub, attracting big-name organisations to set-up on the island and make the most of the local opportunities for both investors and businesses.
While the iGaming sector continues to boom, more recently the island has been noted as a European centre for financial services and has been dubbed ‘The Blockchain Island’, following the launch of three world-first legal bills regulating this world-changing technology behind cryptocurrency.




Setting up a Company in Malta

Setting up a Company in Malta

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