Malta Global Residency Programme

Offering a residence permit and a favourable tax rate to non-EU nationals who buy or rent a property in Malta and direct their income to the island, the Malta Global Residency Programme is an attractive option particularly for those seeking to work or set up a business locally.

Eligibility Criteria & Fees

While there are no minimum stay requirements in order to qualify for the programme, applicants may not spend more than 183 days in a calendar year in any one foreign jurisdiction. 


Applicants must also purchase or rent a qualifying property in Malta, which they must occupy as their primary place of residence worldwide. If this property is located in Gozo or the south of Malta, itmust be valued above €220,000 if purchased, or hold a minimum value of €8,750 per annum if rented. For properties located in the rest of Malta, the purchase price must be at least €275,000 or it must hold a rental value of no less than €9,600 per annum.

Each applicant must also prove that they are fit and proper, that they can communicate sufficiently in Maltese or English, and that they have valid travel documents and health insurance that cover both themselves and their dependents. 

The applicant will also be required to give evidence that they have the stable and regular resources with which they can maintain themselves and their dependents without the need of social support in Malta. 

The standard application processing fee that is payable for the programme is dependent on the location of the qualifying property that has been purchased or rented in Malta. If the property is purchased or rented in the north or central areas of Malta then a fee of €6,000 is applicable, while this is reduced to €5,500 if the property is purchased or rented in Gozo or the south of Malta.


Tax Benefits

A flat rate of 15 per cent is applicable on foreign income remitted to Malta for beneficiaries of the programme, with a minimum tax payable of €15,000 per year. All other income, including that sourced in Malta, is subject to a flat rate of 35 per cent.

malta tax benefits.jpg