Residency Programmes in Malta

Offering lovely weather, a friendly English-speaking local community, a competitive cost of living, numerous tax benefits and many secure investment opportunities, living in Malta is an attractive possibility.


Furthermore, Malta also provides a wide range of highly beneficial Residency Programmes for both EU/EEA and third-country nationals planning to take up residence on these beautiful Mediterranean islands in the heart of Europe.


We canguide you through Malta’s variety of Residency Programmes such as those detailed below, to ensure that you can enjoy the very best that Malta has to offer you as a resident.

Global Residence Programme
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Malta Residence & Visa Programme
Malta Individual Investor Programme
Palazzo Parisio Noble Family Home Grand
Malta Residence Programme
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Malta Retirement Programme
Ordinary Residence
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Long-term Residence
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Highly Qualified Persons Programme
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Qualifying Employment in Creativity and Innovation
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