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Malta Incentives for the Aviation Industry

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Malta’s aviation industry has been of great significance throughout the country’s rich history, and the sector is still growing steadily today.

All those operating within the global sector, including aircraft owners, operators, financiers and service providers, remain attracted to Malta due to the government’s continued efforts to support the industry with a solid legal framework and regulatory regime.

Most notably, Malta introduced the Aircraft Registration Act (ARA) in 2010, which represented an aviation industry milestone since it inspired the modernisation of the National Aircraft Register and implementation of the Cape Town Convention into domestic law.

Further legal amendments were made in 2016 to meet the need of the ever-growing local industry, referring to various aspects of the industry including aircraft leasing and depreciation of aircraft, and drawing from Malta’s equally significant experience in the shipping industry.

Alongside these legal and regulatory advances, Malta also offers those in the aviation sector an attractive tax regime with specific aviation-related tax incentives, combined with Malta’s enviable strategic position at the heart of Europe, warm climate, and its knowledgeable, experienced and English-speaking workforce.

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