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Malta Incentives for the Gaming Industry

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Gaming in Malta has grown significantly as an industry over recent years. As Malta’s international business reputation has grown, it has welcomed a new wave of relocating internet gaming companies that have been influenced by its many attractive options.

Malta Gaming Industry

With its strong, strategic position at the heart of Europe, Malta’s geographical placing has meant that it offers the ideal hub for international companies from all sectors, but most especially the iGaming industry which also takes advantage of Malta’s growth in the technological sector.

The local, highly-skilled and English-speaking workforce meanwhile offers relocating Gaming companies a network of knowledgeable experts in the industry, while Malta’s progressively-minded government offers numerous schemes to attract highly-qualified professionals from around the world in order to further support the industry.

Malta’s government remains focused on supporting the iGaming industry, which currently is responsible for around 12 per cent of the country’s GDP. By becoming one of the first European Union member states to legislate in order to regulate gaming, and providing a legal framework for gaming operators while maintaining high levels of player protection, Malta has become highly-regarded internationally for a legal and operational iGaming infrastructure that is based on innovation, regulation, professionalism and trust.

Your FSPC lead contact can assist you with all your needs regarding iGaming industry, from relocating your organisations to the islands, to setting up meetings with key local iGaming professionals.

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