Apart from beautiful weather, a comfortable lifestyle and numerous investment possibilities, the Maltese islands also offer residents or those with Maltese citizenship an easy way to access the rest of the European Union and the Schengen Area.


Situated virtually midway between Europe and North Africa, Malta’s prime location in the Mediterranean Sea has made it strategically significant throughout history. Today, this small island nation is both a major international shipping hub and a key meeting point for industries around the world, from the financial sector to iGaming, and – more recently – the booming blockchain and cryptocurrencies markets.


Malta’s placement at the heart of Europe has contributed to the mix of cultures and languages that are understood locally, with Maltese, English and even Italian widely spoken across the islands, making it the ideal starting point for international communication.


Global travel to and from the island is also made more straightforward thanks to Malta’s unique geographical position. With regular, direct flights available to most European and North African destinations, aboard a variety of well-known airlines, Malta offers an easy and efficient way to travel overseas for both work and for leisure.


Apart from the easy travel distance abroad, international travel is made even simpler as Malta is both an EU member country and a part of the Schengen Area, which is an agreement between 26 countries that affords their residents the guarantee of free movement between all member states. Since Malta became a part of the Schengen Zone in 2007, Uniform Residency Permits, which allow holders to travel throughout the Schengen Zone without a visa for at least three months, are available to all permanent residents of Malta, including Non-EU nationals.


By relocating to Malta, you therefore have access not only to the many attractive opportunities available on the island itself, but also to those available in the rest of Europe. Your FSPC lead contact can guide you as to how you can make the most of Malta’s strong position in the European Union, according to your individual needs and goals while on the island.

Malta - A Gateway to Europe

Why Malta? 

Key Attractions
Over the years, Malta and Gozo have attracted many foreign nationals keen to make these beautiful Mediterranean islands their new home.


Offering year-round beautiful weather, friendly local people, a comfortable lifestyle, easy travel connections, secure investment opportunities, excellent residency conditions and very low taxation rates, the Maltese islands are a welcoming option for those considering a move.


Great Weather 

Malta’s gorgeous Mediterranean climate means that it is beautifully hot in the summer months, and comfortably cool through the winter.


A Prime Location

Malta’s prime location in the heart of Europe makes it easily accessible via direct flights to and from most European and North African countries. As an EU member country and part of the Schengen zone, travelling around Europe from Malta is made even easier.


Small Size

Making your way around Malta is easy, since the country itself is very small – only 136km in length. This means that nowhere is very far away in terms of distance, so you can fit more into your day.


No Language Barriers

Malta’s two official languages are Maltese and English, and many Maltese people can communicate in Italian as well, making integrating with the very friendly local community simple.


Thriving Business Community

With Malta now known as ‘The Blockchain Island’, and as a key player in the international business community – particularly in the iGaming, IT and Financial Services industries – the islands have become a respected hub for business experts, with a booming economy and many global brands locally represented.


History and Culture

Malta’s rich history and culture, which span thousands of years, can still be experienced throughout the islands. Boasting multiple UNESCO World Heritage Sites and fascinating local traditions, Malta has a cultural heritage all its own.


Mediterranean Lifestyle

With a coastline full of beaches, on an island surrounded by the crystal-clear blue Mediterranean Sea, and a delicious local cuisine that can be sampled at dozens of restaurants and cafes across the islands, residents of Malta enjoy a lifestyle that you won’t find anywhere else.