Concierge services

Your FSPC lead contact can handle every aspect of your life in Malta, making use of our exclusive network of local and international contacts to guarantee you access to the best deals and the finest services that the islands have to offer.

Travel arrangements

Let FSPC take the hassle out of making travel arrangements, for any journeys from a quick business trip to a family holiday. Prioritising giving you value for money and efficiency combined with an executive VIP travel experience, we can assist you with every aspect of your trip.


We will take care of arranging airline tickets with your preferred seating class and baggage requirements, sorting visas if required, booking airport transfers with a private chauffeur, booking and overseeing hotel accommodation, and making restaurant reservations in the most highly-rated establishments – so all you need to do is pack your bag (and we can help you with that too if you wish!).


Private chauffeur

Travel around the Maltese islands in style, luxury and ease using our executive chauffeur-driven car service.

Guaranteeing an excellent private service that ensures peace of mind in a fast, comfortable and reliable journey, we can ensure that you reach your destination with the minimum of fuss.


With just a quick phone call to your FSPC lead contact, one of the fleet of luxury, high-end vehicles associated with our service - always driven by a knowledgeable and experienced executive chauffeur – will collect you and drop you off at any destination across the island, whatever the time, day, or occasion.


Allow your medical needs to be taken care of by FSPC, leaving you free to focus on your health and wellness. We can introduce you to reliable local Health Insurance companies and carry out all administration connected to any health insurance policies you wish to take out, as well as recommend facilities in which you may relax and recharge to boost your overall wellbeing.

Malta has one public hospital named Mater Dei, and several private clinics and hospitals. Any urgent or non-urgent medical requirements you may have can be treated at a private hospital upon request, and we can manage everything from your admission to your treatment plan.


FSPC can advise and guide you through all aspects of your child’s educational process while in Malta. Working directly with educational experts and establishments across the island, we can introduce you to local international schools and make appointments for you to meet with your preferred educators.


Likewise, we can handle all administration related to school admissions, and liaise with the school on your behalf throughout your child’s scholastic year. Whatever your educational choices, FSPC can use our long-established network to help make sure your individual needs are met.

Housekeeping services

Making your life easier, less hectic and more organised, FSPC can set up and monitor a wide range of professional housekeeping services that will free your time for other pursuits. With a selection of maid services available, your house will be cleaned, maintained and polished on a regular basis, exactly as per your instructions.

If your family includes children, we can also provide a Mary-Poppins-style Nanny for your little ones, diligently screening each of our care providers to ensure your utmost safety and peace of mind. Any pets in the household can also enjoy the care of a sitter, who will cater for the needs of all your four-legged friends for as long as you need.

and berthing

Malta’s island position in the Mediterranean Sea makes it the ideal destination for yachting enthusiasts. There are many opportunities in Malta for the purchase or lease of private luxury yachts, and FSPC can guide you through the process of buying or renting one according to your needs.

As well as giving you exclusive access to some of the best crewed sailing, motor and mega yachts available in the world, we can also introduce you to local boat suppliers and to berthing harbours on the island, and oversee all membership, administration and financial requirements as necessary.


The Maltese islands have much to offer in terms of entertainment, whether you are visiting for a short trip or living here permanently. With a unique and delicious local cuisine made available in restaurants and cafés across the island, and a thriving nightlife in party hotspots such as Paceville and Bugibba, there are plenty of options to eat, drink and be merry in Malta. Likewise, there are multiple diving schools where you can enjoy the ultimate underwater experience in the Mediterranean Sea, and many renowned local wines to be sampled at exclusive wine tasting events. There are even helicopter tours and private jet leasing available, to take in a breath-taking view of the islands from above. Whatever your entertainment needs while in Malta, FSPC can assist with arranging these memorable experiences for you.

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