Re-Domiciliation of Companies

Through re-domiciliation or continuation, any company registered in a particular jurisdiction may be re-domiciled or continued in another jurisdiction, so that it may carry on its activities without any interruption.

Many international companies are relocating to Malta in order to take advantage of the highly-favourable local tax system. By re-domiciling, they avoid any loss of business, reputation and income that would have been caused by otherwise needing to liquidate the company in their original jurisdiction and then set-up from scratch in Malta.


The process of re-domiciling a company in Malta is relatively straightforward due to the Maltese Companies Act. Through this legislation, a company incorporated outside of Malta simply changes its domicile and registered address and adopts one registered in Malta instead.


Once a Provisional Certificate is issued, the company is then deemed as registered in Malta and is subject to all the laws – and tax benefits – of the country.


Your FSPC Lead Contact will be able to guide you through the process of re-domiciling your company in Malta, while using their well-established network of corporate and legal contacts to ensure a smooth transition for all your business operations.