Malta Residence and
Visa Programme (MRVP)


The Malta Residence and Visa Programme permits non-EU nationals to take up permanent residence in Malta; residing, settling or staying indefinitely along with their registered dependents. 


Aside from the right to live and work in Malta, beneficiaries of the programme can also enjoy visa-free travel throughout the Schengen Area, with an immigration status that does not depend on remaining on the island for any length of time. 

MRVP Eligibility, Fees & Application Process

Applicants for the Malta Residence and Visa Programme must be of at least 18 years of age, and have an annual income of at least €100,000 sourced outside of Malta, or have a capital of at least €500,000 in their ownership, as well as a stable and regular income sufficient to maintain themselves and their dependents.  


An applicant must also hold a qualifying investment of not less than €250,000 and hold a qualifying purchased or rental property both for a minimum of five years from the issue of the Residency Certificate. Based on their location, properties in Gozo or the South of Malta must hold a minimum value of at least €270,000 if purchased and €10,000 per annum if rented, while those in the rest of Malta must have a purchase value of over €320,000 and €12,000 per annum for rentals. 

Apart from providing documentation that proves valid travel, health insurance that covers all dependents, a clean police conduct certificate and evidence of good health, the applicant must also pay anon-refundable initial fee of €5,500 when their application is submitted.

Should all the required criteria be met, then the applicant is issued with a Residency Certificate, and is required to pay a contribution of €30,000, less the €5,500 fee above, which covers the main applicant, their spouse and their children. An additional €5,000 is then payable per any other dependant, including parents, grandparents, or spouse if not included in the original application.